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Our Honey

Valley Gold is left just as nature intended; unadulterated, unfiltered, and unheated. It is never heated above hive temperatures and remains unfiltered, only strained. All of our honey contains the natural enzymes and prebiotics that are found in comb honey, with the benefit of being locally sourced by beekeepers who have a commitment to quality, not quantity. Every bottle of Valley Gold honey has a undeniable and unique flavor reminiscent of California.   

Our Story

In 1992, Jeremy Slavik immigrated from the crumbling Soviet Union to a small town in the middle of California called Chowchilla. He left political instability, religious persecution and an unpredictable future for hopes of a brighter future for himself and his family.

For several years he worked as a range hand on an almond farm. Year by year, he would notice out of state beekeepers trucking in thousands of bees for almond pollination.  He had a fascination with bees ever since childhood, and decided to take a leap of faith and purchase several beehives. 15 years later, he runs a small-scale pollination and honey production apiary with several employees and his son Tony.

Throughout the years, beekeeping in California has changed a great deal, but Jeremy has held onto the same principles that have allowed his business to grow and flourish; honesty, passion, and excellence. Our goal at Valley Gold is to culminate the finest honey and bee products available within the heart of California and share our artisanal craft with the rest of the world.   

From Our Founder

Growing up in the central valley, I was always surrounded by agriculture and people whose livelihood was tied to the land. This experience has granted me an appreciation for all things natural and grown from the earth, and in recent years; pesticide and GMO free harvests. Throughout the seasons we have perfected our craft with methodical and tenacious effort, learning and perfecting our honey cultivation techniques. At Valley Gold we seek to provide unsurpassable and unmistakable honey which only California can produce.

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Valley Gold Honey