Our Honey

Valley Gold is left just as nature intended; unadulterated, unfiltered, and unheated. It is packaged cold and as raw as possible.  All of our honey contains the natural enzymes and prebiotics that are found in comb honey, with the benefit of being locally sourced by beekeepers who have a commitment to quality, not quantity. Every bottle of Valley Gold honey has a undeniable and unique flavor reminiscent of California.   

About us

Valley Gold is run and operated by second-generation beekeepers with a passion and love for everything related to bees. Honey and comb production is a craft we continually cultivate and perfect, even as natural nectar sources dwindle. Beekeeping has changed over the decades, but our desire to bring the purest and most pristine honey available from California remains the same as it did years ago. Like a bee hive, we are all interdependent upon each other, and so we appreciate your support which allows apiculturists like ourselves to continue pursing our passions – bees.



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Valley Gold Honey