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Valley Gold Honey

Pure • Local • Raw

The Valley Gold Difference

At Valley Gold, we treat our bees and honey different than most beekeepers. When our bees are gathering nectar from fresh California blossoms, they are not given any syrup or any alternative foods. This ensures that the honey we extract is pure and natural as can be, with all of the natural benefits. Our promise at Valley Gold: always provide the purest and highest caliber of honey attainable within California.

Our HistoryAbout the Honey

California Honey, from California bees.

Our honey comes straight from the hive. Pure and simple.

• Never filtered; only strained • Never includes syrup or additives • Never excessively heated.



The Benefits

• Antioxidant Rich • Antibacterial and Antifungal • Prebiotic • Lowers LDL & Increases HDL

• Non-Psychoactive (no THC)
• Pain Reliever
• Reduces Anxiety
• Enhances mood

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Valley Gold Honey